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Dinner conversations with my 8-year-old son Evan are never short of interesting.

Take last week, when I asked Evan how his day was. He proclaimed: “Mom, I was farting ALL day.” I’d like to say I took the mature high road, but…sadly, no, I laughed ‘til I cried. 

It was no different when I asked him what he’d been up to on the playground.

“Well,” he said (that’s how he starts most stories) “I was performing for my friends…you know, doing a ‘best of’ of some of my greatest performances from over the years. Or, I mean, from this year.”

Age 8 and already doing a “best of”… I thought you had to be a seasoned performer of at least 10 😉

I learned from his teacher that he wasn’t just dancing and singing for a few a friends – nearly all the kids on the playground gathered around to watch.

I had to go back in my “vault” to find some of MY favorite performances from over the years. And I’ll have one to add after his dance recital this Saturday (they’re doing a jazz performance to “You Really Got Me” by Van Halen). Ought to be entertaining!

Enjoy! (and please excuse my inability to edit these!)

Little something from New Year’s 2007…

Showing off his dance party skills…

Best of Beyonce in 2009…

And, for an encore, BOOM BOOM POW!


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